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Fun Adventure

The idea here is to leave notes all over places where you want to lead someone. They get the first note and proceed from there. This is an example of something I did in my town. If you need help with a customized rhyme, e-mail me.

Today is your birthday and you've got a special date.
It begins at seven, so don't be late.
In the mailbox at your girlfriend's is another note.
Open it up to see what she wrote.


note 1: give to person in creative way
Let's go to Chicago, it's a Road House, some say.
Where is Chicago? Let me tell you the way.
Take Telegraph to Michigan, east you must go.
You'll see a sign on the left, and then you will know.

When you get done with dinner
Walk out of the door.
In the plant to your right
You'll find one note more.


note 2: in your mailbox
We went to a restaurant in Michigan on Michigan Ave. called The Chicago Road House.
We'll Cruise with a New Man, in the pool halls we'll be.
At the Dearborn Theater a movie we'll see.
When the movie is over, count three light posts down.
This is where another note can be found.


note 3: in plant at Chicago Road House
Saw the movie "Color of Money" with Tom Cruise and Paul Newman.
We're celebrating a Holiday
a very special way.
There's a key to my heart
In your car's ashtray.


note 4: by light post
Snuck a key into the ashtray for the Holiday Inn. The rest is up to your imagination.

Tequila Birthday

This rhyme/gift is for someone who likes to drink tequila. Each gift is given with a specially numbered note attached.

We got you a present...
Explained in writing for you.
You start with number one
And do what each says to do.


note 0: put inside card
This first present is unique
It must be taken with a grain of salt.
If you don't like this gift,
Well, it's not our fault.


note 1: attached to gift #1
salt shaker (with salt in it of course)
When life gives you lemons,
Some say: "Make lemonade."
Please don't do that-
That's not the plans WE'VE made.


note 2: attached to gift #2
"It cuts like a knife"
That saying is true for this one.
But just wait, there's more.
We're not quite done.


note 3: attached to gift #3
knife to cut the lemon
Some people might say...
You're a pain in the glass.
No, no, not us
We think you've got class.


note 4: attached to gift #4
shot glass
You know where we're going
With all of these things.
So open the brown bag
And see what it brings.


note 5: attached to brown bag gift #5
bottle of tequila
You've got your salt and your lemon
And the knife to cut it right,
The shot glass and the tequila
But you need this to make the night.


note 6: attached to gift #6 t-shirt
which reads: one tequila, two tequila,
three tequila, floor
You can drink up now
Since you know what to do.
But you should take this last item-
And carry it with you.


note 7: attached to gift #7

Over the Hill

This rhyme/present can be for someone's 30th, 40th, etc... birthday. Each gift is given with a specially numbered note attached.

This isn't your life story.
It's just the last couple of years.
We've been noticing some things
That fill our eyes with tears.

We've put items in order
Starting with number one.
If your Alzheimer's kicks in,
Get help counting from your son.


note #1 put in card
The eyesight, some say
Is the first to go.
Don't worry, we've got you covered.
We care about you, you know.


note #2 attached to gift # 2
a pair of reading glasses, binoculars, or even
a telescope
"What? Huh? I can't hear you!"
Are familiar words WE HEAR.
We'd like to help you out
So put this to your ear.


note #3 attached to gift # 3
a funnel
Now you're getting old fast.
And those bones, how they crack.
You're joints are gettin' rusty
And Oh My! That aching back.


note #4 attached to gift #4
oil can
Ohhh Shhh____t!!! It's not coming out.
This isn't good at all.
This next gift might help,
But it's your call.


note #5 attached to gift #5
stool softener
Now you've gone and done it...
This sh_t never ends.
Now what are you going to do?
Well that depends.


note #6 attached to gift #6
Depends undergarments
Well we've had fun at your expense.
We hope you did too.
Cuz we look forward to spending
Another __ years with you.


note #7 attached to real gift or all alone

Surprise Party

Who's older than dirt that you might know?
Whose birthday is in December, the big 4-0?

He's got lots of gray hair, but soon there'll be none.
Probably by the time he turns forty-one.

Grecian Formula's not going to take the gray away.
Cuz he's losing it little by little each day.

There's going to be a party, no need to behave.
For this party is for crotchety old Dave.

The party's at his house on January eleven.
Please arrive early, anytime after seven.

It's a surprise, so please don't be late.
For he'll be arriving approximately at eight.


Cocoa Beach

This rhyme/present was customized for Catherine Dye. I received this information:

name: Kelly,  favorite meal: chicken and pasta, complains about Catherine working too much,  quirks: can be a dork, scratches leg with comb, and bites nails,   hates to clean up after the dog, got drunk at Cocoa Beach Pier during the hurricane on beer and seabreezes, going out to dinner with Judy, Jana, and Doug

Well Catherine (or I) was going to cook you dinner,
Your favorite meal for your special day.
She (I) ran out of time because she works too much.
But the thought was there wouldn't you say?


gift 1: egg (for chicken), uncooked pasta and anything else you would need to cook this meal.
You know how you can be a dork sometimes
When doing some of the things you do.
Here's something you could use on your hair if you'd like.
Or it could be used as a scratching device too.


gift 2: a new comb
The next time you seem to be a little nervous,
Please don't bite your nails.
Think of men in their underwear
Or wear these if all else fails.


gift 3: either fake nails or gloves
Everyone knows you love your dogs and cats
But it's hard to plug your nose.
When you have to clean up that smelly stuff.
'Cause it sure doesn't smell like a rose.


gift 4: clothespin and rubber gloves
Soon everyone will know how drunk you got
During the hurricane at Cocoa Beach Pier.
Something for you to remember the event
With Catherine, Seabreezes, and beer.


gift 5: spray bottle of salt water (spray in face), cocoa (hot chocolate) for the beach, and beer
Don't know if you find this a bit funny.
But some things you can't sweep under the rug.
Maybe you can laugh when you're in Royal Oak
Having dinner with Judy, Jana, and Doug.


gift 6: a rug, if you'd like

A Good Life!

Custom written for: Crissy Wheat

info received: 30th birthday

name: Chris; watercolor artist; loves pizza; hobbies- hiking, biking, and spending time
with family (wife and dog Copper); favorite place: state of Maine; favorite musical artist:
James Taylor; favorite artist: Norman Rockwell; complains of backaches; hair thinning


You're 30 years old Christopher.
Sit down, you're not looking too well.
You know picture makes perfect.
By 31 you'll be able to Rockwell.


sit him in a rocking chair
picture of Norman Rockwell
Now "The Secret of Life",
As James Taylor would say,
Is enjoying the passage of time.
So keep this with you each day.


hour glass, timer, stop watch, or watch
Now! You can't just sit there.
You like to explore this state Maine.
Wherever you go, whatever you do


large stick or cane
So you've been complaining of a backache.
What to do, what to do?
We've got the perfect solution.
A remedy just for you.


hammer: directions for use-
place left hand on flat surface, put hammer in right hand. Raise hammer up and let fall on left hand. You will forget about your backache.
You're getting a little thin on top.
But you still have to look good.
Spray a little of this and you'll shine.
It's no longer just for wood.


furniture polish
As you start to get older
You're teeth will fall out.
No more pizza for you Chris.
Be a man- don't pout!


baby food
Did anyone tell you
That when you get older, your hands shake?
No more painting with a brush now.
But yes, more paintings you can still make.
finger paint
Now don't start getting depressed
As you get old- no more biking.
Your body can't handle it.
So definitely no more hiking.

Not to fret, you still have
Your dog and your wife.
As copper fetches your slippers,
You'll think, "I've had a good life!"






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